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    Are you Ready to Pedal?      

Yes, I prefer to ride a bicycle when possible for local transportation.  I am not anti-car; I do use car transportation when necessary.  However, by personal choice, my bicycles are my preferred method of daily transportation; I also love to walk.  While bicycling or walking, I'm able to clear my head and come up with great ideas and solutions.  Enjoy the fresh air.  De-stress. 

I have 2 urban commuter bicycles, which I named Black Beauty and Buttercup. Butter Cup is my workhorse with back baskets; each holds a full bag of groceries packed in my reusable bags.  I always wear a helmet and gloves, and carry a water bottle, bicycle tool kit, and U-lock.  My blinking front and back lights which greatly help motorists see me.  My bicycle bells; they have an incredible sound and are painted with a colorful flowers-and-skulls Mexican motif.  (And I happen to believe that ringing a bicycle bell is a heck of a lot more fun than honking a car horn.)  My nearly indestructible J. L. Powell canvas backpack - ok, it has a couple small holes in it - and Timbuk2 messenger bag.  

Simply put:  I love my bicycles and my bicycle lifestyle.  Bicycling is the Best! 

I love not having to search for a parking space.  No stress from sitting in traffic. No car door dings.  No keys, gasoline, oil change, expensive maintenance, insurance, registration, car payment, or electric charge.  In general, with a bit of planning, I have found that 90% of routine trips from home that would normally be done with a car can be accomplished with a bicycle.  Being self-employed with a home office provides flexibility for both wardrobe changes and bicycle time. 

My Dependable Wheels: Black Beauty (front), a 21-speed Specialized Globe Work 02;
Butter Cup (rear), a 7-speed Specialized Globe Daily 03.

Thankfully this helmet passed inspection.  Thanks Titus!

Plus, you do not have to peddle a pile of fast-paced miles to gain the effects of improved health, and a stress-cleared, refreshed mind.  As with any exercise program, your body and mind simply appreciate consistency.

For Success with Daily Bicycle Transportation ...

First off, please go to your local bike store to purchase your bicycle and accessories.   Your friendly and knowledgeable local bicycle specialists (who are all actual bicycle riders) will make sure you have the bike and accessories that fit your body size, budget, and daily bicycle transportation needs.  You can get yourself set up without breaking the bank; I did!  Plus your local bike store will have the service department to keep Your Ride in tip top shape.  A road bike from Costco or Wal-Mart with curled down handlebars that require a bent over slouching posture, skinny easily-punctured tires, clip on shoes, and an uber small seat may look cool, but it is not what you most likely want for a daily rider.  (Those are the bikes you often see hung up gathering dust in garages and storage units.)  For everyday transportation, you most likely want a dependable, comfortable, urban/hybrid or cruiser-style bicycle with fenders and a kickstand (and other accessories, depending on your needs) that is both fun and easy to ride.  I also recommend purchasing a Bicycle Repair Stand; very handy for cleaning your bikes and performing at-home bicycle maintenance.  And don't forget about your bicycle seat (or saddle, in bicycle technical terms); make sure it is comfortable to accommodate your daily riding.

Pedals are a matter of personal preference.  I have old fashioned "regular" pedals on each bicycle, which accommodate any shoe I am wearing.  Also, I believe these pedals offer an added measure of safety: quicker dismounts, and I can easily bail from my bike if necessary to avoid getting hit by or colliding with a vehicle.  The clip-in petals that require cleated bicycle shoes may offer more speed and performance.   But let's face it: my aluminum frame, daily workhorse riders are not speed demons!  The goal of my bicycle riding is not speed and performance, but rather getting safely to my destination.

Smart Bicyclists Wear Helmets

Please always remember: Smart Bicyclists Wear Helmets.  Broken bones and road rash can be fixed ... your skull and brain, not so much. Today's bicycle helmets are lightweight, cool, and comfortable.  Helmet up, peddle safe, and enjoy your ride!

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