Client Information:  Working with Mary Fouts, EA
Mary Rae Fouts, EA brings 30 years of professional experience to clients.  She employs an objective and pragmatic advisory approach to address and help resolve client concerns Clients, located throughout the United States, typically have concerns involving technical or complex tax, insurance, annuity, and related financial matters. 

Mary's Curriculum Vitae is available to qualified prospective clients upon request.

Keeping Clients in Mind - Efficiency and Cost Management:  To provide the most effecient servicies and support green sustainable business practices, Mary maintains an office in her home in beautiful Pleasant Hill, California.  This allows Mary to avoid commute time and allows here to keep overhead business costs down by avoiding costly expenses associated with leased office space.

Client Consultations:  Consultations are provided by appointment.  As part of Fouts Financial Group's green sustainable business practices, consultations are conducted via telephone or video conference whenever practicle. 

Client Privacy:  Download Fouts Financial Group's Client Privacy Policy here.

Electronic Communication and Document Transmission:  As part of Fouts Financial Group's green sustainable business practices, Mary employs current technology when delivering professional services to clients, including the use of electronic communication and document transmission when practicle.  Clients (or a client's authored representative) must have access to email and Internet services.  For electronic transmission of sensitive or confidential client information, as well very large file transmissions, Mary uses an encrypted ShareFile service for secure transmission.  For clients sending such information and emails, Mary will provide an encrypted ShareFile link for secure transmission.

When electronic document transmission is not practicle, documents, reports, and related items are sent to the client via UPS or US Mail.

Professional Compensation:  Tax Services, Consulting Services, and Expert Witness Services are billed to the client on a time and materials basis.  Professional Services Fees are subject to Mary's hourly rates, expense reimbursement, and any minimum fee for the respective service.

Mary's Rate Sheet is available to qualified prospective clients upon request.  

For More Information

Mary welcomes your call or text at (510) 421-5457, or email to  Consultations by appointment.  Thanks for stopping by!
Expert Witness Services Clients:  Please note that Mary does not contract with Expert Witness Service Firm intermediaries.  She also does not provide Expert Witness Services on behalf of pro per litigation and arbitration participants.
Letter of Engagement:  A Letter of Engagement signed by Mary and client(s); detailing professional services, terms and conditions, and professional services fees; is used for all client  engagements.