Expert Witness Services:  Litigation and Arbitration Matters
Mary Rae Fouts, EA, CFP®

Mary Rae Fouts, EA, CFP® has extensive professional credentials; accomplished analytical skills; and 29 years of experience addressing tax, insurance, annuity, and financial matters.
Mary has provided Expert Witness Services in federal courts, state courts, and arbitration venues throughout the United States.  She 
also provides Tax and Consulting Services to clients for non-litigation matters.  Mary  is available for travel to all client locations, litigation venues, and arbitration venues.  
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Mary's Expert Witness Services

  • Consulting Expert Witness
  • Designated (Testifying) Expert Witness
  • Economic Damages: Analysis and Calculations
  • Reports
  • Certificates of Merit, Affidavits, and Declarations
  • Mediation, Settlement Conference, and Arbitration Hearing Attendance
  • Deposition, Arbitration, and Trial Testimony


Litigation and Arbitration Subject Matter

  • Insurance Matters
  • Annuity Matters
  • Tax Matters
  • Financial Matters

For More Information

Contact Mary at (925) 979-9972 or  Thanks for stopping by!