Meet Lexi the Dog!  Lexi, a beautiful Chow Chow-mix - most likely a Chow Chow-Pomeranian mix - adopted us as her Forever Family at the Antioch Animal Shelter in Antioch, California on October 22, 2014.  We celebrate every October 22 as Lexi Day

We gave Lexi  an (estimated) birthrate of August 1, 2010, making her 11 glorious years old on August 1, 2021.

Lexi had a very hard first years of her life.  She was one of 7 dogs seized by Antioch Police in August 2014 due to severe neglect and abuse in a backyard puppy mill, and unfortunately the only dog of the 7 to survive.  She was pregnant at the time and in very bad shape (so malnourished that sadly none of her puppies she delivered at the shelter survived) and nursed back to health by the fine folks at the Antioch shelter during the 3 months legal proceedings related to her seizure progressed.

We adopted Lexi as soon as she became available for adoption; she was skinny, so frightened she was shaking, her tail was held down between her legs, she had a very thin coat.  Lexi's 2 lower canine teeth were fractured (we had them surgically removed) and she had sustained trauma to her tongue at one time; a v-shaped chunk is sadly missing from the tip of her tongue.  Poor soul.

Lexi:  A Fabulous Loyal Dog 

Lexi has thrived in our home, becoming a healthy, happy, and confident dog.  She truly does not look or act like the dog we adopted in late October 2014.  Lexi now has a gorgeous, thick coat, with a set of furry haunches the Kardashian sisters would envy.  She holds her tail up high and is an excellent watch dog  True to the Chow Chow nature, Lexi is protective of her home territory; the fearful shelter dog is no more.  She actually has single track trail paths worn in the backyard from perimeter security checks!

Lexi may look like a princess, but boy, she can be full of mischief!  Like the time squirrel-obsessed Lexi caught a squirrel in the backyard and proudly brought the squealing, still alive squirrel inside the house to show me. 

Lexi and her fur brother Siberian Husky-mix Sid are a very bonded pair.  They were so meant to be with one another; within 5 days of Lexi's arrival, Sid and Lexi settled in together as if they were litter mates.  To see Sid and Lexi wrestle, chase one another, and groom one another is so very heartwarming.  Shelter dogs rock! 

We are so grateful to be able to give Lexi the Forever Home and pampered life She so richly deserves.   You will never be abused again, Sweetheart.  God Girl, Lexi!

Lexi at the Cypress Inn in Carmel during a 2016 visit. 

Lexi the Dog

Mary's Faithful Canine Companion

Lexi gets ready to play on a gorgeous autumn day in October 2020.

The beach at Carmel.  Lexi loves the beach!


Happy Lexi lounging in Autumn 2020.

Happy Lexi enjoying her daily walk in September 2019.