Sid the Dog

Mary's Faithful Canine Companion

Hi, I'm Sid!  Aren't I handsome?

Meet Sid the Dog!  Sid, a Husky-mix (mostly Husky but perhaps a bit of Cattle Dog, given the ticking on Sid's coat and his goofy herding behavior, and/or some Malamute, given his larger size) adopted us as his Forever Family at the Contra Costa Animal Shelter in Pinole, California on September 24, 2014.  We celebrate every September 24 as Sid Day.

Sid was estimated to be about 3 years old at adoption; we've given him a birth date of September 16, 2011. Sid was found as a stray with a collar on - no tags and no chip - by an Animal Control Officer, but never claimed by his former owner.

When we met Sid in the Pinole shelter Meet and Greet Room, Jim and I were sitting on benches when a shelter volunteer brought in Sid.  Boy, was Sid excited to be out of his kennel!  He immediately pranced to Jim for a treat, then came to me and laid his head directly on my lap.  No kidding.  Adoption sealed and was meant to be.  

Sid is a fabulous, gregarious dog with a frat boy strut.  He is very bonded with his fur sister Chow-mix Lexi; they are indeed two peas in a pod.  Sid enjoys long walks and play time (including roughhousing with, grooming, and chasing his fur sister Lexi), and hanging with his humans.  He does some of the craziest things, including rubbing against chain link fences during walks to scratch himself - we call this linkin' - and herding the vacuum cleaner, lawn mower, leaf blower, and given the opportunity any neighborhood child riding a push scooter.

Sid loves water.  He plays in his wading pool and gets excited when he sees the garden house come out.  He seldom barks, but when he does he makes the goofiest sound I've ever heard come out of a dog.  Sounds like a combination bark/howl/cow moo noise.  Oh, and Sid is obsessed with squirrels, digging up gopher holes, and stalking gopher tunnels.

To say Sid loves food and treats is an enormous understatement.  He will eat - or try to eat - pretty much anything remotely edible, including picking and eating vegetables and fruit from my gardens.  He particularly enjoys fresh English peas, crenshaw melons, ripe strawberries, and apples.  Also an occasional bite of lettuce.  Munches on raw carrots, too.

Every day with Sid is a new - and sometimes eye rolling! - experience.   We are so grateful to be able to give Sid the Forever Home and pampered life filled with love, nutritious food and snacks, exercise, and the attention he so richly deserves.  Good Boy, Sid! 

Sid sound asleep on the sofa.  Who could resist that face?

Sid is not in jail.  He is resting his face on the hand truck parked along the house on the back patio.  How - or why - he wedges himself into some of the spots he does, I'll never know.  :) 

What's the latest with Sid, Mary, and Fouts Financial Group?
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