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Q:  My wife and I are getting a divorce, we are on friendly terms.  Can we jointly hire you to assist us with financial planning and tax matters related to the divorce proceedings?

A:  Unfortunately, no.  In divorce matters, I retain only 1 spouse as a client, not both individuals.  Retaining both individuals creates an unavoidable and very difficult to manage conflict of interest for me, which is not in the best interest of the client(s). 

Q:  Do you accept bitcoin for payment?
A:  No.  Payment of client invoices is accepted in the form of cash or check.


Q:  Do you prepare taxes and provide audit representation for Cannabis-related businesses?
A: No, not at this time.  However, I will reconsider this business segment if federal, state, and local laws regarding marijuana ever come to an agreeable compliance with one another.

Q:  I am a money manager and would like to speak with you about sharing clients.  I will pay you a referral fee for each client I get from you.  When can we talk?
A:  I do not participate in this type of marketing, as I do not identify clients for networking purposes, nor do I accept referral fee compensation.

Q:  I just have a couple of quick and easy questions.  Can I schedule a brief, one-time consultation?
A:  Unfortunately, no, I do not retain clients for brief, one-time only consultations.  If your questions are tax related, you may find answers at or similar state or local taxing authority websites.


News and Information for Clients and Prospective Clients

This page contains current news and information for Fouts Financial Group clients and prospective clients, as well as a list of common questions and answers.  Check back  for current client-related news and information, and updated frequently asked questions. 

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Q:  Do you provide internships to fulfill Certified Financial Board of Standard's financial planning experience requirement?

A:  Unfortunately no.  My professional commitments do not allow for time to provide training and related internships.  

Q:  I have a family member who does not speak English, and needs assistance with tax issues due to immigration matters.  Can you help him?
A : Perhaps, but with specific interpreter requirements.  You/the client would need to provide a certified interpreter at your own expense.  Without a certified interpreter, all clients must be able to speak, read, and write in English, as my Letter of Engagement and all other communication with clients is provided in English.

Q: I am not an attorney, and am representing myself (pro-per) in a financial matters lawsuit and need an Expert Witness.  Can I retain you?

A:  Unfortunately, no.  An attorney must be involved in an arbitration of litigation matter before I am retained as a consulting or designated Expert Witness.

Q:  Do you accept clients that are overseen by a Power of Attorney?
A:  Yes.  I will need a complete copy of the POA for my files.

Q:  I need paper tax return forms.  Can I get them from you?
A:  No.  Paper tax return forms for some tax returns can be obtained from various places, including, some IRS walk-in offices and US Post offices, and retail merchants including

Q: I have a simple tax return.  Can I come to your office and wait for you to complete it?  It should only take a few minutes.
A: No, as I generally only accept tax clients that have technical or complex tax issues.  My minimum tax preparation fee is not compatible with preparation of simple tax returns, including 1040-EZ returns.

Q:  Do you rebate commissions from the sale of insurance?
A:  No.  I do not sell commissioned insurance products.


Frequently Asked Questions

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