Sid the Dog and Lexi the Dog

A Flashback to their Enjoyment of  Spring 2015

Lovely Lexi helps Mommy garden.

Sid can never have enough toys.


Lexi relaxes while soaking up some sun.
Oh, and the shoe is an old shoe given to Sid and Lexi as a toy.


Sid sniffing the back yard for bugs and critters.

Yum!  Lexi smells squirrel in the air.

Sid LOVES water.  Ahhhhh, refreshing!

Please!! Just one more treat.

Love you Mommy and Daddy!

And to think Lexi was once a severely abused and neglected dog, 1 of 7 dogs seized from her former owners by the police.
Lexi is the only dog to survive.

A Very Happy Lexi

A Very Happy Sid

And to think Sid was once a stray dog,
never claimed by his former owner. 
Just throw the dang ball, will you Daddy? 
This Guest Bedroom has officially become "Sid's Room" .
Hopefully Sid is ... um ... comfortable.
Is this a good profile, Mommy? 
My nose look longer at this angle,
very much like our Guardian Angel Titus' nose!

I had just brushed Lexi, her fur is smoothed down more than normal.

Sid determined to conquer an oak tree branch.

What's the latest with Sid, Lexi, Mary, and Fouts Financial Group?
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