Sustainable Business Practices
Minimizing Fouts Financial Group's Carbon Footprint

Mary Rae Fouts, EA brings 31 years of professional experience to clients.  She believes in Environmental Stewardship, and incorporates environmentally-friendly sustainable practices in both her professional and personal lives to fulfill this social obligation.  

Fouts Financial Group
Sustainable Business

To provide efficient professional services, reduce one's carbon footprint, and support  sustainable business practices, Mary maintains an office in her home in Pleasant Hill, California.
Client Consultations:  Consultations are provided by appointment.  As part of Fouts Financial Group's committment to sustainable business practices, consultations are conducted via telephone conference or video conference whenever practicle.

Electronic Communication and Document Transmission:  As part of Fouts Financial Group's committment to sustainable business practices, Mary employs current technology when delivering professional services to clients, including the use of electronic communication and document transmission to reduce paper waste.  Clients (or a client's authored representative) must have access to email and Internet services.  For electronic transmission of sensitive or confidential client information, as well large electronic file transmissions, Mary uses an encrypted ShareFile service for secure transmission.  For clients sending such electronic information and emails, Mary will provide an encrypted ShareFile link for secure transmission.  When electronic transmission is not practicle, documents, reports, and related items are sent to the client via UPS or US mail, either via paper when necessary, or in password protected electronic form via a disc or USB flash drive.

Mary welcomes your call, text, or email to discuss your concerns.  Thanks for stopping by!