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Mary Rae Fouts, EA has extensive professional credentials and 30 years of experience addressing tax, insurance, and related financial and employee benefit matters.  Mary addresses client concerns involving:

  • Tax Matters:  Tax Return Preparation, Consulting, and Audit Representation
  • Insurance Matters, including Employee Benefit Issues and Annuity Issues 
  • Expert Witness Services for Litigation and Arbitration

    Impeccable Professional Credentials

As a federally-licensed Enrolled Agent, Mary has met the rigorous licensing requirements established by the United States Department of the Treasury.  Mary holds numerous insurance licenses through the California Department of Insurance.  She is one of the select few Life and Disability Insurance Analysts licensed by the Department of Insurance.

Mary is a fully-licensed Life Insurance Agent, holding both Life-Only Agent, and Life Agent - Accident and Health Agent insurance licenses.  She is also a licensed Casualty Broker-Insurance Agent and a licensed Property Broker-Insurance Agent.

Prior to founding Fouts Financial Group in 1999, Mary held various positions with large, multi-line insurance companies.  She is a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Mary Rae Fouts, EA:  Tax Services . Insurance Consulting . Expert Witness

Mary maintains a passion for knowledge and the arts, fueling her lifelong love of learning, reading, art, and music.  A fan of many literary genres, she especially enjoys reading about American history from the Pre-Revolutionary War era through the Civil War and Reconstruction periods, crime fiction, and novels detailing human lives and experiences.  Mary is also an avid crossword player, word jumble puzzler, and Scrabble player.

On the Personal Side

Mary collects Disney memorabilia, with particular fondness for the lovable donkey Eeyore.  She is passionate about cooking and baking, and enjoys learning about and collecting wine.  Regarding Mary's baking, she particularly enjoys sourdough baking, baking bread, rolls, pizza, cake, and other goodies with her 5-year old sourdough starter. 
Mary also enjoys gardening.  A weather enthusiast, Mary enjoys collecting and analyzing data from her Personal Backyard Weather Station.  She lives in beautiful Pleasant Hill, California with her best-husband-in-the-world Jim and Faithful Canine Companions Husky-Malamute mix Sid and Chow Chow-Pomeranian mix Lexi.

Mary welcomes your call or email to answer any questions you may have.  Thanks for stopping by!