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Fouts Financial Group  .  Mary Rae Fouts, EA

Welcome to Fouts Financial Group, a group of Tax Services, Insurance Consulting Services, Annuity Consulting Services, and Expert Witness Services provided by Mary Rae Fouts, EA.  

31 Years of Professional Experience

Fouts Financial Group clients typically have concerns that are technical or complex in nature.  Mary welcomes your call or email to discuss your concerns.  Thanks for stopping by!

Mary Rae Fouts, EA  has extensive professional credentials and 31 years of experience assisting clients throughout the United States.  Employing an objective and pragmatic advisory approach, Mary addresses and helps resolve client concerns involving:

  • Tax Preparation, Tax Planning, and IRS and State Taxing Authority Audit Matters
  • Insurance Matters, Including Employee Benefit Matters
  • Annuity Matters
  • Expert Witness Services for Litigation, Divorce, and Arbitration Proceedings.