Meet Mary Rae Fouts
36 Years Of Professional Experience

Mary Rae Fouts has 36 years of experience addressing technical and complex Client concerns involving Insurance, Annuity, and Tax Matters.

As a federally-licensed Enrolled Agent, Mary has met the rigorous licensing requirements established by the United States Department of the Treasury.  Mary is one of the select few Life and Disability Analysts licensed by the California Department of Insurance.  She also holds Accident and Health or Sickness, Casualty, Life, and Property Insurance Licenses. 

Personal Interests

Mary maintains a passion for knowledge and the arts, fueling her lifelong love of learning, reading, art, and music.  A fan of many literary genres, Mary especially enjoys reading about American history from the Pre-Revolutionary War era through the Civil War and Reconstruction periods, crime fiction, and novels detailing human lives and experiences.  She also enjoys newspaper reading, as well as completing crossword and other newspaper puzzles each dayMary enjoys sewing.  She is an avid Scrabble player.
Mary resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband Jim and dogs Sid and Lexi.  She enjoys spending time outside, including gardening and walking through her neighborhood.  Mary has a collection of Disney and A.A. Milne memorabilia, with particular fondness for the lovable donkey Eeyore.
Mary is passionate about cooking and baking, particularly baking with clay bakers, and cooking and baking with cast iron.  She also enjoys learning about wine.  Mary is an avid sourdough baker, baking sourdough bread, flatbread, rolls, pizza, and cake.  She also enjoys no-recipe cooking and old fashioned canning, including her much requested salsa and zesty crushed tomatoes.
In her gardening, Mary uses recycled water and reclaimed grey water for outside watering as much as possible.  A weather enthusiast, Mary enjoys analyzing data from her backyard Weather Station and PurpleAir Air Quality Sensor.  Thanks for stopping by!